Recycling Services

Our mission is to service the recycling needs of all industrial, commercial and household customers alike.

Zero Waste Recycling operates a Full-Service Scrap Recycling Facility in Lancaster, South Carolina. Trained on-site staff is available to help guide you through the recycling process with ease. On-site identification and grading ensure your top-dollar compensation. In addition to our full-service facility, we offer a diverse program of recycling services.

Industrial and Commercial Recycling Services

Brokerage and Trading

Cradle-to-Grave Reporting

Certificates of Destruction

Complete Waste Minimization Program

Dispatch Available 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week 

Demolition and Scrap Recovery Services

Partial, Complete, Interior and Exterior Demolition

Mobile Car Crushing

Mobile Scrap Cleanup Crews, let us come to you!

Landfill Collection Services

Container, Trailer & Hauling Equipment Services

Roll-off Containers, sizes ranging 10-80 yards

Gaylord Boxes

Drums & Barrels


Self Dumping Hoppers

Specialty Sealed and Leak-Proof Containers

High-Side, Dumping, Van and Flat-Bed Trailers


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